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Alaska Horesback Trip 2010    

North Pacific 2010     Slideshows: Pohnpei , Yap , Palau , Japan .


South Pacific 2009     Slideshows: Galapagos , Marquesas , Tuamotus , Societies , Niue , Tonga .

Central America 2009     Slideshows: Panama , Costa Rica .


Southbound 2008     Slideshows: Baja Drive , La Paz 2008 , Mexico 2008 , El Salvador 2008 , Antigua, Guatemala , Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala , Chichicastenango, Guatemala , Tikal, Guatemala , Lima, Peru , Arequipa, Peru , Lake Titicaca, Peru , Cusco, Peru , Machu Picchu , Ecuador .


Sidetrips 2007     Slideshows: Horseback Riding Trip to Alaska , Watermaker Repair Trip to the Marquesas

2006 - 2007

Mexico '06-'07     Slideshows: Baja-Haha , Cabo to Zihuatanejo , Zihuatanejo , Sail Fest , The Gold Coast , La Paz

South to California     Slideshows: Canada to California , Road Trip , San Diego Zoo

North to Alaska     Slideshows: Leaving Washington , British Columbia , Princess Louisa Inlet , Alaska (before Glacier Bay) , Glacier Bay , More Alaska (after Glacier Bay)

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West Coast Vancouver Island

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