We Did It!


“WE¬† DID IT, WE DID IT, WE DID IT”! That was all I could think as Cindy pulled our docklines at Shilshole and handed¬†them to me at 11:30 on Friday, January 28th. We were only headed to Port Townsend for 3 months of hard labor on the boat, but the feeling that we actually pulled it off and were going to get to go cruising finally hit as we backed out of the slip that morning. It was an uneventful trip north, but typical of Puget Sound there was just enough wind on our nose to be annoying. We spent the weekend at Boat Haven waiting to pull the mast on Monday morning. It was all I could do to keep that silly grin off my face as we kept thinking it was really going to ha

ppen afterall. Six years we’ve planned and saved and worried and worked and studied and learned. Seeing that all come to an end was an amazing feeling.

Now we’re inside the Navy Building at Fleet Marine in Port Townsend. We’ve been working for a month on the boat and we’re still in the “destruction” phase. We have 3/4 of the caulking stripped from the teak decks, and all the portlights pulled and ready for refinishing. I’m going to start stripping the stain and oil from the interior teak tomorrow, hoping to have a nicely varnished interior in another 2 months. Rob has lots and lots of new “schtuff” to install in the next two months, including solar panels, wind generator, new electronics, new galley, new heater, etc, etc.

Our “plan” is to have the boat done and head north May 1st. We’re working hard and hoping for the best.

Point Hudson is here

Photos of Leaving Washington Are here