Cooking Is Fun

Miles day 4: 134
Miles total: 464
Miles to Yap: 769

Thursday night about 3:00 a storm cell came by packing big gusty winds. We’re both happy to report, however, when we say storm cell and gusty winds here they’re 25-30 and not 40-45 like in the ITCZ. It was enough wind for Rob to want to roll the jib, and since it stayed up around 25 behind the cell we just left the mainsail up into the morning.

Friday morning was the day the bananas from Pohnpei needed to be used up, so I decided to make some banana bread for breakfast. Occasionally I should go back and reread my blogs because I remember now making a comment about cooking and the Olympics previously. And it was one of the toughest meals I’ve cooked onboard, requiring that each and every item come out of a cupboard one at a time while I held on to everything else and measured and stirred. I made it all the way through mixing all the liquids before the bowl flipped up during a big roll when I let go of it for just a second. I scooped as much as I could back into the bowl and the banana bread was still quite delicious.

Not having learned from that lesson, however, I decided later in the day to make some chocolate chip cookie bars. I had found our second bag of chocolate chips in 4 years while we were in Majuro, and decided to celebrate being 37% done with our passage. The wind had eased and the full jib was back out and we were sailing along nicely, although still a bit rolly as usual. Besides, this recipe didn’t have a liquid base like the bread; it was creamed butter and sugar. What I didn’t anticipate was that when I turned to grab the flour, having left the mixer in the bowl, that the bowl would flip again and this time the mixer would come out, turn upside down and land on its start button. Sure enough, there it was, sending creamed butter and sugar flying all over the kitchen. Rob’s comment was “this will be funny next week you know”!

And just so we could mark off the third of three disasters for the day, when Rob came up into the cockpit with his plate of fish cakes for dinner, they ended up upside-down on the cockpit cushion, ketchup and all.

Today on Yohelah we’re not cooking a thing……