On Our Way

leavingThey were all standing there when we left just like we had imagined and hoped they would be. All of our sibs (except TB, Lisa & Lynn), Mom & Michael and Rob’s parents. It was incredible. After 8 years of planning, a 9 month delay, and 4 solid days of partying we were finally getting “off the dock” for good. Of course they were also all teasing us about not having any instruments that worked and going aground in Oak Harbor our first day out, but that’s to be expected. And as we all knew they would be, the instruments were hooked up and working an hour before we needed them.

So here we are – finally “on our way”. And I think we’re on our way because our family always believed in us, even if they did think we were more than a little crazy.

Later this week we’ll meet up with Tim & Cindy in Sucia and head for Canada. There’s not much to report right now, except the list of things that weren’t hooked up before we left. But we’ve finally realized that we’ll be working on this boat for the rest of our lives, so why let it slow us down now?

For now, life is very very good on Yohelah….

Shilshole Bay Marina is here

Photos of Leaving Washington Are here