Or Not

Something you neither want to say or hear: “Honey, why is the engine making that funny squeaking sound?”. We were nearly ready to up anchor this morning when Rob started investigating the new squeak from yesterday. It’s hard for us to remember that our 10 year old engine with 3,000 hours on it isn’t spanky new. And there it was, the front right side engine mount sitting kattywompus next to the engine. Needless to say, we rolled out the jib and sailed back to Koror.

With our port clearance in hand and no longer having valid visas in our passport, we knew we needed to clear back in with the officials. But it’s Saturday here and our calls on the VHF to Port Control went unanswered. We grabbed our buoy back at Sam’s again and went ashore to telephone, but couldn’t raise anyone at the port or immigration by telephone either. So into our dinghy and around to the commercial dock between downpours and squalls we go. Luckily the customs officers were working overtime and the guard at the dock brought them to us. They were very kind and signed us back into the country, telling us that if we had it repaired before Monday just go ahead and leave. If we’re still here Monday we’ll need to talk to Immigration and Port Control again. Don’t know if we’ll have to pay the $70 exit fee again, but we sure hope not, because with everything but the dive shops closed here on Sunday it’s unlikely we’ll get this fixed tomorrow.

Today on Yohelah we’re back at Sam’s in Palau…..