Ready, Set, NO

It took until mid July before we both finally admitted that we were not going to make it out of Seattle this year. Our refit took so much longer than we expected. The boat’s still not back together. But the work that has been done is awesome. And we have a project schedule that says we’ll be done by late winter. But the good news is that Tim & Cindy got delayed also (likely not so good for them, but good for us). So we’ll be in Port Townsend another winter at Point Hudson. I’ve gone back to Infospace for some more contracting while Rob finishes the boat. As much as going back to work this soon was not appealing, Infospace is such a great team of folks, and I’m happier working there than working on the boat. We’ll keep the site updated with refit pictures and info as we get finished.

Our plan is to leave Port Townsend April 1st and head for Juneau. We’re trying to get into Glacier Bay and then turn south and come outside Vancouver Island to San Francisco. So I’ll post more logs when we’re on our way next spring.