Making Ground Southward

We’re making ground south, slowly but surely. The wind is conveniently coming from the southwest and not the south, so we’re on a lay line for Bahia Caraquez. Theoretically we should be trying to stay as far west as possible because the winds come up the South American coast and our last day could be a total bash with wind and waves completely in our face. But we’re hard on the wind and headed exactly where we want to go, so it’s hard to turn off and head west at this point. Plus, the forecast for Monday says that there should be light westerlies in that area anyway, so we may be completely spared.

Right now we’ve got 240 miles to go and are chugging along at about 4 knots. We figure we’ll make landfall Tuesday morning. High tide is at 7:56 am, so we need to be there and ready for our bar crossing or else we’ll have to anchor out overnight until Wednesday, which would be very sad after all this traveling.

Nothing new to report onboard. Rob and Maya are outside and Maya is playing with her toys in the cockpit well. She’s just never been bothered by passages and we’re extremely thankful for that.


Yohelah is here