South Pacific Passage – Day 1

Miles traveled last 24 hours: 111
Miles traveled to date: 111
Miles to Hiva Oa: 3,033

It’s very very slow going out here. Actually, we’re basically drifting with the current watching the spinnaker fill and drop about every 4 seconds. The good news is the current is 1-2 knots and in our favor. And the better news is that there is wind south of here – it’s just going to take a few days to get to it. Our current plan is to drift and sail as best we can during the day and then motor slowly at night. Last night we got incredibly lucky and had 12 knots of wind on our aft port quarter and sailed along with a spectacular full moon until about 3:00 am. We’re hoping for the same tonight.

Not much else to report yet. We’re both actually feeling pretty good for our first day on passage. I made some banana bread this morning to have for breakfast this week, and some Phad Thai for lunch/dinner this afternoon. Maya is bored already and does not like the noises of the sails when we roll with the swell and they bang around.

Oh but the best news is that our insurance was approved by the German company that Hello World uses and Soupsie is taking care of the money transfer to Germany to keep us insured for this season. Thanks Soupsie. No fishing report yet. Rob has tons of new lures he’s been making and got some great advice from the guy who was the guru in Panama this season. But no joy so far. Maya and I are both hoping for a strike soon.

That’s all for today.