Quick Update

Miles traveled Day 7: 129
Miles traveled Day 8: 146
Miles traveled to date: 951
Miles to Hiva Oa: 2,184

Well we’ve definitely settled into a routine here after 8 days at sea. The tradewinds seem to be sticking and we’re rocketing along pretty well (6.2 knots at the moment as I look at the GPS). We roll quite a bit and cooking is a major challenge, but rest assured we’re not going to wither away. I just can’t let my hand off of anything in the galley even for a second. Every dish and container has to be on non-skid and leaned up against a rail. Today’s dinner is courtesy of our hunter-gatherer who landed a lovely little dorado yesterday, so it’ll be fish tacos. Yummy.

I’ve made a little chart for myself of how many days to landfall if we’re doing 5 knots and how many if we’re doing 6, which I look at probably a little more than I should. It’s a lovely passage so far, but it’s just tiring. And we’re so excited to be getting to the Marquesas. Right now we’re doing pretty well managing 6 knots and Brit emailed this morning that they’ve picked up another knot of current (they’re probably 400 miles ahead of us by now), so we could speed up a bit. But at 6 knots we’re 15 days out at this point.


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