Passage to Yap, Day 3

Miles day 2: 99
Miles day 3: 125
Miles total: 330
Miles to Yap: 898

The winds filled in yesterday finally to about 18-20 from the ENE, allowing us to turn dead downwind and pole out the jib. We’re scooting along nicely now making high 5’s for speed, which is a tremendous improvement and a much more comfortable ride. And the really good news is that about 5:00 last night we hooked an 8 serving mahi-mahi. Maya recognizes the sound of the net and always comes running when she hears me put it together. Last night, however, Rob chose to use the gaff so I didn’t get the net out. Maya’s nose thought something was up, and when I came down to grab the fillet knife she knew immediately. She was waiting on the companionway stairs while Rob cleaned it and gave her lots of scraps. Tonight I made fish tacos for dinner.

Late tonight or early in the morning we should be approaching Chuuk and the outer islands around it. There are a bunch of atolls, little islands and shallows to navigate around, extending for the next 450 miles. It’ll take us several days to get past it all, so no little cat naps on watch allowed for me! The electronic charts are covered with wreck symbols to remind me to keep alert. The moon is also nearly new now, not rising until almost sunrise, which makes dark passage nights.

Today on Yohelah we’re full up on dorado and scooting along nicely…..