Things That Go Bump In The Night

Miles traveled days 29&30: 220
Miles traveled total : 3,690
Miles to Port Angeles: 1,404

The wind did not turn to the south as forecast on Wednesday – instead it remained a light easterly long enough for us to get frustrated and finally give in and turn on the diesel. We motored for about 12 hours before the low approaching us from the southwest finally got close enough for the wind to build and blow from the south. Yesterday we had nearly 0 wind and today we had 23 knots. It was supposed to remain in the 20 knot range for at least 18 hours, but it’s already eased back to the mid teens and the barometer has started to rise again. We’re in the unfortunate situation now where the wind has eased but the seas have not yet laid down, making it a very rolly night and tough sleeping for the off watch.

Around 10:00 I woke up to the sound of something large thunking against the hull. On a dark and rainy night in the middle of the Pacific where the water is about 45 degrees, this is not a good thing. Rob went out on deck to inspect, thinking the only possible answer could be a line with a buoy or something attached snagged on our bobstay (the wire that attaches the bowsprit to the front of the boat). A search outside revealed nothing unusual, so we began to inspect indoors. The sound was clearly something hitting the undersides of the boat below the waterline, making us both certain we had to figure out what it was. After opening several lockers and listening carefully we pulled up the floorboards and found our spare alternator rolling back and forth. It had been nicely sitting alongside the fuel tanks since Rob put in the new alternator in Campbell River, Canada, some 4+ years and nearly 30,000 miles ago. Why tonight it came loose and started rolling around I have no idea.

We’re both beginning to get very excited about making landfall. When the wind was up and we were making over 6 knots the chartplotter said we’d be in by the 8th. Rob thinks it’ll be closer to the 10th. Either way, it should definitely be under 2 weeks now.

Tonight on Yohelah we’re glad that there are no more things going bump in the night.