Down The Outside

The trip down the outside of Baranof and Prince of Wales Islands has been spectacular. The anchorages are beautiful and almost completely empty of other boats. The ocean sailing wasn’t too special, as the winds were pretty light and we’re not happy using the spinnaker with the dinghy and kayaks both on deck (too many things to tangle spin sheets on). But Rob finally got the fishing monkey off our back and caught a beautiful and yummy 23″ coho. Fed us for three nights.


The kayaking in Tokeen Bay was excellent, with lots of little islands and rocks to explore. Didn’t see any black bears while we were in our little boats, though.

There’s a massive low pressure system out in the Gulf of Alaska that’s been messing with the weather for a few days now. Hopefully it’ll dissipate soon and the sun will come back. Luckily it’s not expected to come ashore here into Southeast. And hopefully the high will fill back in so our northerlies return for our trip south.

We’re headed for Craig today to make our last laundry and provisioning stop in Alaska. Then it’s south back to BC, where we get to see Rob’s brother Stann and my sister Leslie, who are coming to Barkley Sound for visits!

Today on Yohelah we’re going to get wet, as it’s just pouring rain and we have a 37 mile trip to Craig…..

Tokeen Bay is here

Photos of Alaska, PartII are here