Now we’re very involved in a local fund raising event called Sail Fest . This the sixth year of Sail Fest, which is a five day event in early February that raises money to help the poorest kids get an education. In years past it has provided funds to build an entire school for the children (many indigenous and most whose families are living as squatters on the outskirts of town) when the government wouldn’t help, and that school is now supported by the local school system. This year we’re raising money to build a satellite school to replace another one currently housed in shacks in a similar neighborhood. The state has donated the land which the parents helped clear and prepare, the city is donating the materials, and money earned at Sail Fest will pay for the labor to build the school. They hope to raise enough this year to complete three buildings.
nuevocreacion The school is currently in temporary structures on a hillside, and today we got a tour by the head of the foundation Por Los Ninos who are the administrators of the funds raised by Sail Fest. Quite honestly, it was an amazing experience, and very emotional for me. Not because the kids were so poor, but because they were so happy and so enthusiastic about getting to go to school. Seeing them learn in an environment that we would consider hideous was so inspiring. We’re so excited to get to be a part of helping these kids.

We’ve both volunteered to be committee chairs for the festival. I’m in charge of the Chili Cook-Off / Bake Sale / Street Fair on Saturday, February 3rd. And Rob’s in charge of collecting donations. The community has become very involved and most merchants donate something that raises funds in one of three events; a live auction, a silent auction and a raffle drawing. Rob’s job is to organize the volunteers who collect the donations from the merchants. We’re looking forward to the event, and have gotten very plugged into the cruising community here by becoming a part of this.


Today on Yohelah we’re very inspired by the beautiful children of Zihuatanejo……

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