Mexican Gold Coast

We’ve been two weeks in Tenicatita Bay now and are getting ready to move into Barra de Navidad tomorrow morning. Our two weeks here have been marvelous. We’ve been resting, playing bocci ball and dominoes at the beach, snorkeling, and generally hanging out with lots of new and even some old friends. Best news is we’re getting caught up on “the list”, and feel like the boat projects are nearly under control.


There is no real town here, just a beautiful beach with one palapa that’s open until about 5:00 at night. There is a small town across the bay we haven’t been to yet, and a beach area in the bay around the corner from us called Revelcito with restaurants and one small mercado (market). To get to that settlement you go up the “jungle river tour”, which is a small freshwater stream with great mangroves and a canopy – and allegedly boas and crocks. It’s about 45 minutes from the boat to the beach at the other end and definitely a fun trip, made even more interesting by the fact that it’s one boat width wide at most points and the pangas haul tourists up and down it all day at a speed much faster that we travel in the winding passage.


When we came in here there were 54 boats but still plenty of room for more. Today there are 30 boats in here, but I’d guess 10 of them are heading north tomorrow during a good weather window. But there are still lots of boats down in Zihua and Manzanillo that will likely move up north here while the winter northerlies aren’t howling down the Sea of Cortez during the next four days. For our friends who read “Lattitudes and Attitudes” (a sailing magazine – what else) yesterday afternoon Lost Soul anchored behind us. The guy who owns Lost Soul and Latts & Atts is also the same guy who wrote the biker magaine Easy Rider in the 70’s.

The lagoon at Barra where we’ll go tomorrow is totally different than Tenicatita. It’s completely enclosed with just a small channel in and is very shallow. There is sufficient depth in an area that will hold about 30 boats if you stack them in tight. There are three small towns nearby and lots of good restaurants and places to explore. There’s even a French Baker who delivers fresh croissants and baguettes to your boat in the morning! We’ll hang out there for a couple of weeks and do more boat chores and wait for Brittney to get here on the 17th.

We’ve had an awesome time hanging out with some great new freinds and are starting to learn what cruising is really like. The best parts are the amazing places you get to visit and the people you meet. But soon enough you’re moving on to somewhere new and your friends are moving on somewhere else. Saying goodbye so soon to friends you’d like to spend more time with gets tough sometimes, but you always just hope and plan to see them “down the road” somewhere again. But we already know what good plans are when you’re cruising, because the best plans are always written in the sand.

Today on Yohelah we’re resting up for our big 13 mile trek tomorrow into Barra……

Tenicatita is here