3 Lobsters for $3

That was the asking price from the man in the cayuca who stopped by late afternoon yesterday. Rob, Yohelah’s offical hunter-gatherer, heartily agreed and proceeded to clean and prepare them for the grill. They made a yummy dinner and capped off a very nice stay in Bahia Honda.

An old guy named Domingo was at Yohelah’s side before we even got the hook set on Tuesday afternoon. It had been a long sail across and we weren’t really ready for company yet. But Domingo charmed us as he does most of the cruisers passing through Bahia Honda and promised to return in the morning with some fresh fruits for sale. Behind him in another cayuca was his son Kennedy and daughter. He had a lovely pineapple for trade and wanted to know if his wife Olivia could return in the morning to trade fruit for t-shirts.

Our tour guide DomingoAs promised they both returned the next day and we tremendously enjoyed meeting them and doing business with them. Domingo returned the next afternoon to give us a “tour” of the river. He guided us up the Samonetta River several miles to an inland village where we learned that the land was all government owned and the people could just build homes whereever they wished. There were about 300 people living in the village and they seemed quite content and welcomed our visit.

When we returned to the boat it was getting late and we didn’t have time to go to Kennedy and Olivia’s house as we had intended so we sent Domingo home with some cupcakes for both families. Sure enough, an hour later Kennedy & Olivia showed up in their cayuca to say goodbye and bring us some avocados from their tree. If we all lived in another time and place we would have been good friends with them, we’re sure of that.

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