On Our Way South

We’re finally on our way to the South Pacific! We rounded the corner out of the Gulf of Papagayo about a half an hour ago and are on a heading nearly due south towards Isla Cocos. It’s about 300 miles so we should be there Thursday morning some time. We’ve got some good wind right now, but expect it to die by tonight or tomorrow.

We’ll be sailing into the ITCZ (inter tropical convergence zone) again, which means no wind and rain squalls. Unfortunately we’re traveling towards the Galapagos at a time of year when there is very little wind between here and there. We need to conserve our fuel as best we can so we’ve got enough to get to the Galapagos, so we’ll keep the sails up as much as possible. The winds off of Costa Rica are very gusty, though, so it makes the seas very rolly and the sails hard to keep full.


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