Niue Passage Day 6

Miles traveled day 5: 129
Miles traveled total: 739
Miles left to Niue: 348

Today’s lesson is that if the weather is settled and you’re going to need to cook you should do it now and not wait until tomorrow. Yesterday was an absolutely blissful day of sailing, with winds behind us and flat seas. I had pre-cooked and frozen meals for 6 days and needed 8, but just was enjoying the calm yesterday so much I didn’t feel like cooking. About 1:30 last night the wind piped up strong and shifted further to the east. Suddenly the seas were lumpy and confused and we started rolling like mad. Today we continue rolling around in big lumpy seas. They’ve settled and are less confused, but are about 3 meters high. We tried turning downwind and putting them behind us while I cooked but it didn’t help too much. I think I’m going to write to the Olympic Organizing Committee and suggest that cooking while on passage be added as an Olympic sport.

Bored Maya

Besides that all is well. Maya is bored to tears. We should be in Niue late morning Friday, and the weather forecast is changing in our favor. It was supposed to turn back to a southeasterly on Saturday, and that’s moved up to Friday night now. So hopefully it’ll keep moving up and there’ll be a nice quiet calm anchorage when we arrive. Our friends Marcy & David on Nine of Cups are on their way from Suwarrow and should arrive on Friday also.