Like A Horse To The Barn

Miles traveled Day 21: 133
Miles traveled to date: 2,789
Miles to Hiva Oa: 385

The wind has been up and down, but happily it’s mostly staying up. And it’s held the southeast direction so we’ve been zipping along quite nicely straight towards the Marquesas. If this holds we’ll have to slow down Friday night so we don’t arrive in the dark. There’s no way we’ll make it before dark on Friday, but we should arrive early Saturday morning!!!!

We’ve been out of fresh fruit for a week now but still have potatoes, peppers (not happy peppers, but still ok), cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs. And we even still have half a loaf of Bimbo bread. Bimbo bread is ubiquitous to Latin America (I remember posing for a picture in front of the Bimbo truck with Debbie Cook in Cozumel in 1986) and must have more preservatives than flour. Our friends Lisa & John on Andiamo brought a loaf of Bimbo bread to the South Pacific a few years back and it was still not moldy when they got back to Mexico a year later.

Not much else to report. The spinnaker’s up and the boat’s flying along like a horse to the barn.