Almost There

Miles traveled Day 23: 123
Miles traveled to date: 3,045
Miles to Fatu Hiva 113

Well after going aloft yesterday and posting so late there’s nothing new to report today. Except we’re now nearly within double digits in miles from our destination. Our landfall will be early tomorrow morning, hours shy of 24 days and nights at sea.

So of course today is a “get the boat cleaned up” day. It’s really not in too bad of shape as we’ve tried to keep up with the basic clutter while underway. Just a few scrubbing issues like cleaning the scales from Maya’s flying fish off the cabin sole and wiping down some walls where mold and mildew from being in the tropics has crept in again.

I just woke up and we’ve got 8-12 knots of wind outside so we’ll hoist the spinnaker for one last time on this passage and hopefully will be able to keep it up overnight. The evening winds have been so light recently I doubt it’ll last, but we’ll give it a try. Fuel in the Marquesas is $5/gallon so any last miles we can tick off under sail are good.

I’ll send out a big broadcast email tomorrow morning after we arrive and get rested up a bit. I don’t think there is internet in Fatu Hiva so we’ll update some pictures when we get to Hiva Oa midweek next week. We’ll be traveling through some pretty remote areas for the next 8 weeks until we get to the big metropolis of Papeete so we’ll likely keep posting to this blog while underway.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading along and emailing us. It’s nice to know we’re not totally out here alone, even though seen no evidence of a single other being besides fish and birds for 23 days.