No Wind Tomorrow

Miles traveled day 4: 97
Miles traveled day 5: 124
Miles traveled total: 472
Miles to Majuro: 1,351

With the forecast for the winds to continue our third night we chose not to hoist the chute and kept sailing with the jib out on the spin pole. It finally died completely, and when our boat speed was less than two knots I turned on the motor for about 5 hours and we motored slowly. Right after I came on watch at 5 am it filled back in and we’ve been sailing ever since. We’ve had a really nice breeze when the forecast keeps saying we shouldn’t. Well, it keeps saying we shouldn’t tomorrow. It’s like – “ok you can have wind today, but definitely not tomorrow”. Then the next morning comes and the wind is still with us and I request another forecast and it says “well ok, still some wind today, but positively not tomorrow”. We’re still sailing, and definitely not complaining. I’ve requested another forecast for tomorrow and we’ll see if it’s changed and we’ll have wind tomorrow or not.

Besides that, life is pretty routine on this passage. We had a couple of spectacular nights of clear starry skies, complete with a big moon and a nice breeze pushing us along. The sunsets and sunrises have been absolutely legendary this week. Today the clouds filled in and we had a light sprinkle, but absolutely no squalls or thunderheads or convection yet. Just 13 knots of wind right behind us, giving us about 5.5 knots of boatspeed just in the direction we want to go.

I’ll request another forecast and see what we’re going to get tomorrow….

The boat is here