Bahia Herradura

At 7:30 this morning when we woke up it was 80 degrees in the cabin. While that might sound blissful, it was also 84 percent humidity. Now at 9:00 the humidity has decreased somewhat but that’s because the temperature has risen substantially. It’s a beautiful day out there, but definitely a scorcher.

Today we have a list of chores to take care of on the boat before we head south tomorrow. Foremost is to get in the water and clean the bottom. We’ve been in a dirty estuary in Puntarenas and are going to be in another estuary in Ecuador when we get there, so the bottom cleaning has to be done in between.

And we definitely need to get south now. The ITCZ is just off the coast and has spun off two tropical storms in the last three days and currently there’s another low forming. The storms are well north of us and heading out to sea, but they still get our full attention. Hopefully the passage will just be moderate headwinds…..


Bahia Herradura is here