Finally On Our Way

Well after a planned two or three day stopover in Costa Rica on June 2nd for fuel and rest we’re finally on our way south. Needless to say Costa Rica is gorgeous and we can’t wait to come back in the winter. We didn’t see too much since we both had colds the first two weeks.

But it is beautiful.

Right now unfortunately we’re motoring into 5 knot headwinds. Even if they weren’t on our nose, we have a hard time in the big ocean swell making headway with only 5 knots. We don’t have enough fuel to motor the whole way, but expect some wind tomorrow. The ITCZ is far south of us right now so hopefully we’ll have a couple of nice days before it heads back north again and we cross into the southeasterly trades from the southern hemisphere (which technically don’t stay in the southern hemisphere, they just stay south of the ITCZ).


All is well onboard. I prepared and froze dinners for 2 weeks so we don’t have to do too much cooking underway. Maya is doing just fine and sleeping in her bed right now – thankfully she’s less bothered than either of us on passage. That’s all for now.


Yohelah is here