In the Middle of the ITCZ

The ITCZ definitely moved north yesterday and we got a full dose of it last night on passage. Rob went down to rest about 6:00 and I started watching the radar light up with squalls. They turn bright yellow and blue and are kind of fun to watch. In the past we’ve been able to navigate around most of them. Not last night.

I realized you could make shapes out of the radar returns for the squalls like you do for clouds. First there was a cute little puppy. Then Amy Winehouse was there singing. I know it was Amy because it had the full beehive. She was off to starboard. Then, unfortunately a huge squall started to materialize forward of our port bow. I thought I was going to be able to sneak between the monsterous blob and Amy Winehouse, but no joy. The two squalls merged right into each other as I tried to squeeze in between.

And then it poured. And poured. For over an hour. So hard the water was white. And there was lightning all around. It didn’t make sense for Rob to come up and get soaked too, so I tried to wait it out. But we just couldn’t get out of it. No matter which way we turned it was always “just two more miles” ahead of us. It was just insane. Finally it slowed down enough for Rob to come out and we put a reef in the main and sent me down to bed. He was in rain nearly all the night.

Today I tried again dodging them but no luck again. It rained for a couple of hours. But now it’s finally done. We’re hoping this is our last night of it and the ITCZ stays where it is for a couple of days while we get south.


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