San Diego Stop

The final to-do list is ready, and as always it’s long. But we’re scheduled to leave San Diego next Monday at 11:00 am with 181 other boats as the Haha fleet heads to Mexico. Hopefully hurricane Paul will weaken, pass by Cabo and not cause any damage. And certainly we hope Paul is the last of the storms in the Pacific this season.

We’ve had a busy busy time while in San Diego. Rob went to Seattle to see his folks and do some last minute shopping. Leslie and Fred visited for 3 days so we got to sail in the Bay and see the San Diego Zoo. The road trip was fun, and the pix from the Balloon Fiesta are marvelous. And it was nice to hang out with my dad a bit in Yuma, too.

Today on Yohelah we’re checking off the last items on the list as we get ready to leave the country and head for Mexico…….

San Diego is here