Grand Canyon Hike

The forecast today was for an 80% chance of thunderstorms. The information center at the Grand Canyon advises you not to hike into the canyon to avoid being hit by lightning. And the ranger specifically told me the trail we had picked was the worst because it was on an exposed ridge with no trees. Rats again, since this was our only day here and the only chance to hike. So, of course, you know we did. Rob actually made the call to take the shuttle out to the trailhead and check it out. The bus was full of other hikers, so we liked our odds a little better. And the trip down a mile and a half and 1500 feet was marvelous. The storms were rolling across the canyon, but staying on the west and northern sides.

When we got to our turnaround point we looked back up the trail and realized the entire south rim of the canyon had disappeared underneath the oncoming thunderheads. We put on our rain coats and headed back up. When the raindrops got to be pea sized, we found an overhang to hide underneath for a while. The lightning rolled right over the top of us, and I realized I was greatful it was Rob’s decision to take the hike and it wasn’t my crazy idea this time!

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