What To Do, What To Do?

Well now I’m just driving myself crazy. We really need to go to work at the end of this season. Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that work will be much easier to find in the Pacific Northwest and we should make the 5,000 mile passage back up to Seattle. We’ve talked at length about it over the last couple of days and realize that if we’re going to make the passage we need to leave here now to get into Puget Sound ahead of the winter gales. Unfortunately that also means we’ll be passing by Hawaii during hurricane season, which has been very active so far this year.

This morning we were pretty well committed to heading north in a good weather window Saturday morning. Then I thought I should just take one last look and maybe talk to some recruiters in New Zealand. And sure enough, we do easily qualify for immigration into NZ. And worse yet, there are quite a few Oracle and Project Management jobs in New Zealand right now.

So back I go again, waffling towards heading south. I’m going to call some recruiters this morning and talk to them about our chances. Spending a couple of years back in the Pacific Northwest doesn’t sound bad to us at all. We’re both ready to park the boat for a bit and catch our breath. And even the 40+ days to get up there from here doesn’t sound that bad, except the bit about the hurricanes. But we’ve wanted to go to work in New Zealand forever and we’re so close right now.

Today on Yohelah I’m just wondering – what to do, what to do?