Sticking With The Plan

After chatting with a few job recruiters in New Zealand yesterday we’re much more encouraged about the job prospects there. Additionally, we got email from friends on a sister ship at Christmas Island who have already waited 3 weeks for a weather window to get to Hawaii and back to San Diego. And there’s already a monster storm brewing in the Gulf of Alaska with two gales forming right behind it. We’ve concluded it’s just too late now to head north. Friends of ours on a boat named Liberty sailed from Fiji to Seattle earlier this year, leaving Fiji in April, and had a great sail north. If we don’t have work by next April that’s what we’ll do in the fall.

So, instead of digging out our storm sails this morning, I think we’ll toss the dive gear into the dink and check out the dive site outside the pass. The weather’s pretty settled this morning. Our friend Neville from Dreamtime dove this site with the local dive company and said it was just so-so, but apparently that’s about as good as it gets here. We were all definitely spoiled with the diving in the Tuamotus. We’re looking forward to some pretty spectacular dives on Niue in a couple of weeks.

Day before yesterday we pulled our bikes out and pedaled around the island. It was a really pretty day and we got to see the island and a nice pace. Tomorrow we’ll fuel up the boat and get enough provisions to last until Rarotonga. The freezer’s empty now, but we hate to buy too much more at French Polynesia prices. Unless the forecast changes significantly, we’ll drop the buoy on Sunday morning and head southwest to the Cook Islands.